Just 1 Hour away from KAMENA VOURLA you can find what has been missing from Greece, the only water skiing school where you can practice in fresh water. A place of unrivalled beauty proper for learning water skiing WITHIN 0.30 mins and breaking records as the quality and the status of the water always is ideal for this exciting sport.

We can also visit the Aliartos Gardens, a dream place in the heart of the city where trees, flowers, and fresh air abound.


Slalom for all levels, from beginners to professionals, tricks, Wake board, Barefoot and Wake skate.

The school has two slalom courses (record capability), three NAUTIQUE 196 with zero-off perfect pass equipped with bars for learning barefoot-skiing and Wake board. The school offers full equipment for all ages and all levels. Moreover, at the Pro shop of the school you can find a wide variety of summer and water skiing products. To make your visit to the school even more pleasant we offer you a refreshments area, Beach Volleyball, ping-pong, trampoline, wooden mini-soccer, and canoeing. Our physiotherapist is ready to be of help in case he is needed.