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No smoking permitted in rooms. No smoking permitted in balconies and/or corridors. Hotel is 100% non smoking.



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Cancellations until 18:00 are free of charge, otherwise an overnight will be charged. If you need further assistance, call the hotel directly. 


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How Does Flower shipping And Delivery Works And #63;

How Does Flower shipping And Delivery Works And #63;

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Throughout history, flowers have been related with two things: adore and secrecy. The historical Romans painted roses on the ceilings of their banquet halls to remind visitors that what ever secrets and techniques had been shared sub rosa or "under the rose" were intended to be kept private. Perhaps you haven't overlooked a birthday or anniversary, but you have obtained the shock that each guy dreads: that sharpie ink in the form of a heart on your desktop calendar. That's correct, it's your anniversary, and you've forgotten to choose up a present for your spouse. Roses might do the trick, but toss in some candies or a back again massager and you're golden. You'd be surprised how much selection can be discovered in last minute on-line present buying at a digital florist's shop.

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